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About Us

An American Ideal

Collegiate Title Corporation is a prestigious title agency underwritten by Old Republic Title Insurance Company. Collegiate Title Corporation, a full service agency, offers complete title insurance protection for commercial and residential properties.

Throughout the State of New Jersey, title services are provided to attorneys, builders, commercial real estate brokers / developers, financial institutions, residential realtors and governmental agencies.

Collegiate Title Corporation establishes a successful “partnering” relationship with all clients while maintaining the highest code of ethics and superior staff support. This incorporates developing and delivering unparalleled exceptional service. Collegiate Title Corporation goes beyond the scope of its business focus to embrace the sponsorship of community based educational programs.

What I value the most with Collegiate Title is the personal attention they give to it's clients. Collegiate Title ensures and nurtures their business relationships with people and makes deals enjoyable to do together.

Robert Tucker, Realtor


Collegiate Title Corporation is committed to the American Dream:

  1. To establish successful “partnering” relationships with realtors, attorneys, lenders, and community development organizations while maintaining the highest code of ethics to protect property ownership rights.
  2. To deliver a comprehensive range of title insurance and closing services to assist in the redevelopment of cities neighborhoods, and communities.
  3. To take the time to acquire an in-depth understanding of our client's needs to effect smooth and accurate conveyances.
  4. To stay attuned to all the laws governing the conveyance of real property and ever changing demands of society.
  5. To strictly adhere to title insurance regulations and procedures strengthen our performance and high level of integrity.
  6. To be dedicated to the procurement of safe, sound, and reliable title insurance services.

I find Collegiate Title Corp tremendously valuable for the simple fact that I can rely upon you to deliver with consistency. Your staff works closely with the parties until all of the moving parts in a closing fit together.

You consistently provide professional courteous management of closings, trusted title information, and timely resolution of title issues.

Cristal Bowie, Attorney

Life And Liberty Are Secure Only So Long As The Right To Property Is Secure.

  1. Property ownership is an American Right that must be fully protected to insure that personal liberties and freedoms are maintained.
  2. Morals, values, ethics and sound judgment are fundamental and indispensable. Commitment and compassion are the reasons Collegiate Title Corporation advocates property ownership as a means to personal independence, wealth and security.
  3. Clear, concise communications and solid relationships at all levels are the essence of Collegiate’s highly efficient and trusted services.
  4. Innovative usage of technology is the cornerstone to perfecting Collegiate’s client services making us the leader in industry standards
  5. Continuous research and education are key to the advancement of Collegiate Title Corporation and the interests of our clients.