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Title Insurance Quote Calculator

Letter from the President's Desk

The real estate industry is experiencing tremendous growth creating incredible opportunities. Collegiate Title Corporation is well positioned to deliver unparalleled services to attorneys, realtors, lenders and governmental agencies in New Jersey. We are dedicated to the procurement of safe, sound, and reliable title insurance services.

On the surface, one may perceive that all title insurance agencies are alike; however, that is far from the norm. Collegiate Title Corporation establishes a “partnering” relationship with our clients. Property owners often view the title agency as an extension of the attorney, Realtor, lender and government agency. Therefore, it is essential that we stay attuned to the specific requirements of these entities and the unique needs of the property owners.

Maintaining the highest level of performance is crucial to Collegiate Title Corporation. Our operating platform utilizes cutting edge technology to meticulously monitor every phase of the title process. This “micro” examination ensures all files are closed ahead or on schedule.

Together, we can exceed market expectation by forging a partnership bond, creating a lifetime of value and benefits.


Richard Ransom, Jr.